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Run With Vision

Monday, October 05, 2020 • Juanita Purdy • Personal Growth

Habakkuk 2:4 - "See, the enemy is puffed up; his desires are not upright—but the righteous person will live by his faith.


In the short book of Habakkuk, this prophet is so distraught by the evil that was going on in the nation of Judah, he asked GOD to intervene. GOD responded that HE would send the ruthless nation of Babylon to execute judgement on the wickedness of Judah.  Habakkuk became more distraught, not disrespectful or doubtful but he maintained the position of honoring GOD and HIS Sovereignty. Then, Habakkuk reverently posed another question to GOD in relation to HIS Plan to send Babylon to punish Judah; "Why are YOU silent while the wicked swallow up those more righteous than themselves." As Habakkuk made an appeal for the conditions of the nation, he maintained his stance, his watch, his station. He did not move or act until he heard from GOD.

Like Habakkuk, we often become distraught in the mist of trials, assaults or persecution. However, how we respond to that distress makes all the difference in the outcome. Although Habakkuk clearly saw and experienced the evil around him, his eyes were looking Heavenward. When we look at and respond to circumstances with our natural abilities, it creates a spiritual veil.  GOD has empowered HIS people with a surefire victory over the veil of limited vision according to 1Corinthians 3:14-18. Instead of operating in natural sight, the SPIRIT of the LORD gives us insight. It is human nature from most of our upbringing to respond to situations or conditions through our natural faculties. It is for this reason alone that we must transform our thought process in the likeness of CHRIST with our eyes on HIS prize and our thinking Heavenward. Natural sight will cause anyone to fear and shrink back the minute obstacles greater than their ability appears. When what is seen becomes overwhelming, human conditioning drives us to look for something that is less task intensive.  However, when our focus is on a greater vision larger than we are, there is more resolve to bear it and beat the odds. 

We see that Habakkuk although distraught by the evil happening throughout the nation of Judah, kept his focus on GOD whom he knew could fix the problem.  He refused to move from his stance or position. Habakkuk was determined to stay still and wait for the vision from God.  What an inspiration to us all especially as we observe the many evils happening in the world today.  Are we going to leave our post and look for other solutions; or will we take our stance and know that the GOD we serve, knows all, sees all and HE has a plan ready to be unveiled to those willing to wait for the vision.

GOD did show up and allayed all of Habakkuk concerns. GOD assured Habakkuk that there is an appointed time for all of GOD's judgements for HE is a Righteous Judge and HIS righteous people must live by faith in HIM.  Trust that HE knows what HE is doing even when it makes no logical sense in the human mind.  We must trust the purpose and plan HE has for our lives and know that every vision written in HIS book will come to past.  This faith race is liken to a 5k run, the more you train the better your chances at not only completing the race but also winning. Run the race of your life with the vision of God's promises for you.  Though they tarry, they will certainly come and will not delay. AMEN