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Our Fingerprint of Faith

Wednesday, December 09, 2020 • Juanita Purdy • General
Our Fingerprint of Faith

Hebrew 11:1- Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Long before fingerprinting became the go to method of investigating crime scenes, it was a significant part of the identity or authentication of a person. Before JESUS was born into the earthly realm, around 200 B. C. Babylonians used the fingerprint to authenticate written contracts.  It was the evidence of things seen. However, as time marched on and the knowledge of humans increased, man learned how to tap into an unseen world. Now, it is general understanding to human beings around the globe that just because you do not see it does not mean it does not exist. You cannot see a virus without the help of a high-powered microscope but you can see the effects of these microscopic organisms across the globe.  Some of the effects are dangerous and deadly. So as a means of uncovering the unseen, the development various tools became critical.

In 1843, the use of fingerprints became one of those critical tools of piercing hidden knowledge. Our faith in GOD works like those fingerprints.  It is a tool used to tap into HIS unseen spiritual world; the place from which all good and perfect things descend (James 1:17).  What is our hope? Our fingerprint of faith reveals the evidence of it. Evidence is information used to determine if a belief or position is true. It is used to confirm a thing, favor or unfavorable.  As a result, a fingerprint found at the scene provides the information needed to confirm the presence of that person. Our faith is the evidence the world needs to see in order to confirm the Presence of GOD in this earthly realm. When JESUS arrived on the scene, HE solidified GOD Presence in the earth; our mandate is to advance HIS Presence to the ends of the earth and occupy until HE returns (Mark 16:15). Accordingly, our faith is the evidence of that mission.  Our faith will also be the tool (that substance) used to access all of the Heavenly promises and provisions that are available to the children of GOD - the things we hope for.  Our faith will bring about the hidden revelations needed to grasp GOD's provisions from HIS unseen world (Hebrews 11:6)

Our faith also authenticates who we are as children of GOD.  Being born again children of the Heavenly Kingdom, our fingerprints should be all over the written contract (the HOLY BIBLE) that we have with the Kingdom of GOD.  It instructs us on the expectations of our FATHER Who Art in Heaven as well as HIS Promises and Provisions for us.  It provides us with the information needed to confirm the Presence of GOD operating in our lives.  GOD's Word is not only the information needed to confirm HIS Presence in this earthly realm but also it is the evidence of HIS Providence, which becomes the foundation of our faith. From the date of birth until the final resting place, the fingerprint never changes.  Many things about the human body often changes through the years, but the fingerprint is one of those things that does not change. It keeps the same pattern as the body grows and alters. It is a sure thing. That is how GOD expects our faith to be, as we develop and our knowledge increases, our faith in HIM continues to be unchanging and unwavering from beginning to end regardless of the favor or unfavorable situations around us. Amen!