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Mighty Love

Tuesday, February 18, 2020 • • General


February, a month that some people love to see come, others wish they could skip right over and spring into March. A month meant for love and sacrifice, February symbolism of mighty love range from the historical account of St. Valentine to legends of cupid. Coming from the standpoint of someone who has experienced a mighty love, right from the lyrics of the Spinners' certified gold record, I believe love and passion is the essence of a mighty love and it is as perennial as God Himself. 
My account of mighty love started when I met my ex-husband. We were married for twenty-five years. We did not always have marital bliss but we definitely shared passion. We have always been passionate about each other and the things we undertook.  We still share that passion although we are divorced. I knew he was the man I wanted to marry when I looked up and unexpectedly, he was knocking on my door, some 300 miles from where we met. We met at the University of South Florida in Tampa. There was an instant connection and attraction.  When it was time to go home for Christmas break, (the dorms would close) we were heartbroken because we knew it would be three weeks before we saw each other again.  
Being college students, we were financially broke. Neither of us had any money, but that did not stop him. His mighty love compelled him to work in an orange grove where he picked enough oranges to buy a ticket to come and visit me.  He already had my heart but he definitely won the heart of my family.  I am still grateful for those moments, each time we visited the area, he would always point to that grove as an expression of his passionate love for me.  Throughout our marriage, his passion was evident in so many ways. He did not hold back his tokens of love.
I can sense that same kind of passion when I read Psalms 63.  King David's mighty love is evident in this "certified gold" love song he wrote to God and it runs deep.  In verse 1, he declares his thirst for God's presence only and nothing or no one can satisfy that. We read that he sets his eyes on the Lord and is constantly seeking Him. He would not make a move without Him.  In verse 2 and 3, King David embraces the very presence of God and demonstrates his mighty love for God through praises and the lifting of his hands in total adoration. Then he validate his mighty love for God by keeping his heart open to the Lord.  He writes in verse 6 of how his mind constantly stayed on God all through the night and he waited expectantly to hear from Him.  He allowed nothing to get in the way of that, no distractions, aspirations, disappointments, absolutely nothing.  That is passionate love, who can resist it.  As a result, God honored King David and esteemed him higher than any other king in Israel's history.  God has made that same promise of honor, protection, and deliverance for those who love Him with all their heart, mind, soul and strength. His Mighty Love is one that will never end in separation or divorce.  

Minister Juanita Purdy